'Save me' by Mona Kasten | Book review

By Julita Stefaniak - August 22, 2019

Rating: 4.5/5

I was craving a good old fluffy ya romance for the longest time now. No magic, no 'funny business' (if you know, you know), just simple, teenage, dramatic, good girl-bad boy romance. And when I saw Save me on the shelve in a bookstore, I immediately knew it was a perfect fit. I didn't even read the description, I just grabbed the first two parts of the trilogy and happily moved over to the counter.

Save me by Mona Kasten book review

Ruby's life can be described in colours:
Green - important! 
Turquoise - school 
Pink - Maxton Hall's organizing committee
Purple - family
Orange - health and fitness

In her life, nothing is left to chance. Surrounded by rich spoiled kids all she wants is to go unnoticed, study hard and go over to Oxford. And by no means mix her personal life with her school life.

Nothing of that sort can be said about James - he's one of the 'rich spoiled kids'. Handsome, arrogant, the king of Maxton Hall. Nothing is impossible to him and even the headmaster seems to be wrapped around his little finger.

They are from completely different worlds, unfit for each other in every single way. Yet, when Ruby finds out about a secret that could ruin James's family, they are forced to work together. They realise that even so different there is something more between them than just pure hate.


I have to admit I didn't expect the plot to be as interesting as it was. It was at times a little bit cliche, but there was still an element of surprise towards the end of the novel. Even though the structure of the plot was just as I predicted it (more about it in my book talk), Save me gave me a bit of an unexpected rollercoaster of emotions and I'm here for it. Thank god I bought Save you as well... The waiting for the unravelling of the plot twist would be too much for my poor, emotionally unstable heart.

Anna Todd (the author of After) blurbed the trilogy which I saw only after I purchased the books and my first reaction was 'opp, I'm in for a toxic ride' (I hated After with passion). Thank God the relationship in Save me was everything but. Starting with the pace of the book which was absolutely perfect. Not too fast (which is usually the case in this type of books) but not too slow either. The development of the whole relationship was natural, cute and most certainly not forced. Ruby and James's characters matched each other perfectly, they complimented each other; reading about them together gave me that warm feeling of cuteness inside.

Usually, in books like Save me, the author just concentrates on the two main characters and the rest of the world is left unnoticed and forgotten. But not in this case. We have really interesting side characters that actually matter; not only do they help the storyline, but each of them is also unique, with their own background and history. I'm always happy to see representations like LGTBQ+ or disabilities in ya books, especially if they are shown, like in this case, as something normal. Even small notings are opening conversations that should be opened.

Since there is no English version instead of copying the quote I liked I'm gonna paraphrase it here. I fell in love with it and I think it's so clever everyone should give it a think.
Ruby's sister - Ember, is fat. And on her road to becoming fully proud and accepting of her body, she discovered an analogy: The word 'fat' is not a bad word. It's just like in Harry Potter, everyone is scared to say Voldemort's name because they are scared of him; the word 'Voldemort' itself doesn't mean anything bad. Same goes with 'fat'. The society made it something bad, something we are scared to say; but it's just an adjective, like skinny or thin.
I wholeheartedly agree with Ember's words. We should stop using this word as an insult and on the other end - as seeing it as one.

The book didn't get the full five stars because even though I really enjoyed it, it lacked something. It's hard to put my finger on it, maybe it's just because I've read too many books this type. I don't think I'm gonna remember Save me for too long. I don't feel a connection with the main characters and even though I'm most likely gonna finish the trilogy and the whole story quite excites me - I lacked a spark, something to make this book dear to my heart.

What's more there was another thing that irked me in this book; a minor one, but still: sometimes too much description. It reminded me a little bit of early Dramione fanfictions when everybody was describing everything and anything. It didn't affect the pacing, thank god, because it only happened a few times, but it still annoyed me a bit. I want a few things to be left unsaid for my imagination to work on.

Overall I think it's a perfect summer romance to dive into on a warm sunny evening. I'm curious to know what will happen next and will definitely keep you updated!

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  1. I love your review! It's great to hear from you after this break :D!

    That's great that you found this book on the shelf and immediately loved it. It was a wild guess but you just have a sharp eye for such good books!

    I also prefer to have some things unsaid, when the author lets me imagine something, not literally describes every little detail. But I understand from your review, it wasn't too much of this in this book here :D.

    I am eagerly waiting for your next reviews!

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